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The COMEARTH team believes that the development of the planet and its abilities shall be carried out in tandem with the global community at large. To enable COMEARTH to utilize these potential innovations, the team shall also create a COMEARTH app store & assets store that houses applications as well as some premium assets that brands, creators, and users can use to increase the value they derive from and provide to COMEARTH. Think of these as WordPress plugins & themes, but for the COMEARTH Metaverse.

The platform shall also enable its Citizens to create custom experiences, i.e., miniature Metaverses inside the COMEARTH planet, to allow complete creative control to design the best experience for their visitors.


The planet of COMEARTH shall be divided into eight different continents. Every letter of the word COMEARTH represents continents on the planet. The names of the contentment are listed below.
- Cardinal
- Octum
- Marth
- Eta
- Aakaus
- Rohin
- Tosh
- Horus

Urban Planning


COMEARTH is an Earth-like planet and has 8 continents spread organically throughout. It has focused on the importance of Urban Planning required to achieve resolved designs. A systematic approach toward the placement of parcels is key to enhancing the overall efficiency and aesthetics of the continent.

The need for urban planning

People have started spending more time in virtual experiences for leisure and work. It all began with a 2D experience which is now rapidly growing into a 3D world that allows an immersive environment for the user. With this arises the need to control the growth of the Metaverse in a systematic manner and give users a wholesome experience.

Principles of planning

Unlike other virtual worlds, COMEARTH aims to work with an approach to provide accessibility to all the lands bought by the citizens and provide them with a well structured and designed experience. The architects have strategically planned the arrangement of functions in order to promote organic growth of the planet yet enabling development in a controlled manner. This provides each land with a unique characteristic that adds value to the investment of the citizens.

Complex Grid System

Architects have worked on a complex grid system which allows for multiple modules of varying sizes and shapes to combine together and shape the continent in an interesting way. This system gives a unique characteristic to the planet and distinguish itself from all the other existing virtual worlds in web3. It also allows for organic growth of the settlement yet enabling a controlled development with intelligent placement of public nodes, topographical features and road networks.

Public Nodes

Public nodes have been placed uniformly over the continents in order to provide community functions to the citizens and promote engagement and interaction. They act as focal points and enables growth around the public nodes depending on its typology.

Topographical Features

Topographical Features like Lakes, Beaches, Mountains, Forests, and Waterfalls are organically spread all over the continent which enhances the beauty of the continent and also provides a valuable neighborhood for the COMEARTH Citizens.

The Design Chain

Planet > Continent > Clusters > Modules > Parcels A certain number of parcels are arranged in various manners to generate unique and interesting modules with smaller community spaces within. Modules further interact with each other to form bigger clusters and provide public spaces and interconnections. Clusters are then further arranged all over the continent to give its final shape and define its structure. There are at least 40 unique types of clusters created by the architects which interact with each other and shape the continents in an interesting manner. All the 8 continents work on the lines of this design chain and create the planet COMEARTH.

Properties/ Features of parcels defined

Parcels hold importance and value on basis of the corresponding Transportation networks, proximity to Public plazas, and Topographical features as landmarks. For instance, On Primary/Secondary/ Tertiary Road (and/or) ‘X’ parcels away from the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Road (and/or) ‘Y’ Kms away from the Beach/Mountain/River, etc.


COMEARTH is supported by major investors in the web 3 and web2 space industry. All of these are founders or CXOs among Unicorns & decacorns & are well-known names in the industry.

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.




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